Now developing the Executive Project, to be finished in Winter 2010, for this High Quality hybrid program project.

High quality dwellings - 52.974 m2
Community leisure areas - 14.311 m2
Offices and Shopping areas - 11.111 m2
Parking and Storage zones - 26.133 m2
Instalations - 6.113 m2

Energy efficiency in the Water Towers. Three are the basic operations in relation to energy efficiency building, all in search of maximum comfort housing.
1 - Proposes a system of horizontal trays that generate terraces at the time that prevent that solar radiation influence directly on the façade in the most unfavourable hours.
2 - There is a collection of rainwater that by means of successive wells and water in movement, sheets will generating freshness, circulating water through the interior of the building system.
3 - Air conditioning units are located abroad in each of the plants, always in the worst-case façade, so do not add thermal load to the building.